Derek Notman Virtual Financial Advisor

In the course of helping people I field a lot of questions about a variety of products and services that they are currently using or are thinking about using.  Although at heart I am a planner, the analytical side of me really enjoys digging into these different products & services, learning how they work, etc. 

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and from sales people.  What annoys me to no end is that a lot of "advisors" are "selling" without giving consumers all the information before they make a purchase. The goal of these objective reviews is to help you understand how these things work, their pros & cons, and help you figure out if these products & services ultimately help you make informed decisions for your money.

Who would have thought getting product reviews would be this difficult?  Not anymore!


Life Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

Financial Planning

Mutual Funds

Managed Accounts (WRAP, MFA & SMA Accounts)


Above is the list of the different products I have or will be reviewing.  If you are doing some research and don't see a particular product on here, please contact me and I will be happy to do an analysis on the specific product you are considering.

In these reviews I will be covering the real facts about these products as well as touching upon some of the sales tactics used to sell them.  This information should equip you to make better decisions for you and your money.

Best Regards,

Derek Notman.