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When entrepreneurs start a new company they embark on a journey.  Most of the time they set out on this journey without a clear idea of what to expect or even of what the final destination is, but isn't that part of the fun! 

This series was born out of listening to many entrepreneurs talk about how there is so many resources on how to build a company, but a void when it comes to the personal journey entrepreneurs take and what can be learned from it.  This series fills that void.  My hope is that you will learn from entrepreneurs on a personal level, to learn from their failures, successes, and their insights.

It is my honor and pleasure to present this series to you, please enjoy!


Derek Notman

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[VIDEO] Intrepid Insights: Richard Walton, Serial Entrepreneur and current Founder & CEO of AVirtual

Richard has an amazing story to share as his journey has taken him from almost burnt out entrepreneur to moving his family to Costa Rica and then settling in South Africa, all while being a serial entrepreneur. He is an awesome guy that you can learn a lot from!


[VIDEO] Intrepid Insights:  Matt Howard, CEO & Co-Founder of EatStreet

For our first episode we had the pleasure of speaking with Matt Howard.  Watch his video to learn more about his entrepreneurial journey with EatStreet.  Learn from some of his failures & successes, and insights he has gained from being a tech company founder & CEO while also being a husband and father.


[VIDEO] Intrepid Insights:  Sarah Best, CEO & Chief Strategist of Sarah Best Strategy

In this episode of Intrepid Insights I had the pleasure to speak with Sarah Best, founder of Sarah Best Strategy, a digital & social marketing firm.  Learn from Sarah's diverse and interesting background and some specific tips she has about growing a business while still making time for herself and those she is close with.


[VIDEO] Intrepid Insights: Diane Omdahl, President & Co-Founder of 65 Incorporated

In this episode I had the opportunity to chat with Diane Omdahl, current president and co-founder of 65 Incorporated, a service providing seniors and Baby Boomers, along with their kids, financial planners, caregivers, and healthcare providers with fast, simple, expert and unbiased Medicare information.  Diane is a serial entrepreneur who has an interesting and unique background.  Watch and listen to learn from her experiences!

[VIDEO] Intrepid Insights: Odeh Muhawesh, Serial Entrepreneur & Executive Chairman of Squigl

In this episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Odeh Muhawesh, a serial entrepreneur and currently the executive chairman of Squigl, a high-tech artificial intelligence (AI) platform that is transforming how people communicate with each other.  Learn from Odeh's multiple business experiences while gaining insight on what it means to him to be an entrepreneur.


[VIDEO] Intrepid Insights: Alex Hart-Upendo, Founder & CEO of Build-A-Bow

In this episode I had the fun experience of speaking with child entrepreneur Alex Hart-Upendo, Founder & CEO, of Build-A-Bow. His company is a custom bow-tie, hair bow and pet bow business that has gotten international attention. Alex is very well spoken, friendly, and fun! He has a great story and some useful tips. Please enjoy this this episode of Intrepid Insights.


[VIDEO] Intrepid Insights: Tom Still, President of the Wisconsin Technology Council

For this edition of Intrepid Insights I had the pleasure of meeting with Tom Still, President of the Wisconsin Technology Council.  Tom has an interesting history as an intrapreneur before joining the WTC.  Learn from his experiences at a state level, how the WTC helps the Wisconsin entrepreneur ecosystem, and what he has learned about the startup world in his capacity as someone who is really well connected with businesses state wide.  Please enjoy this episode!


[VIDEO] Intrepid Insights:  Bart Halderson, CPA at BDO


In this edition of Intrepid Insights I meet with Bart Halderson, a CPA at BDO.  Bart has been working with entrepreneurs and business owners for over 20 years which have given him tremendous insight on how businesses work, things they need to think about early on, and how to prepare for the future.


[VIDEO] Intrepid Insights:  Rachel Neill, CEO & Co-Founder of Carex Consulting Group

Had a lot of fun meeting with Rachel of Crex Consulting Group.  She was bitten by the entrepreneur bug after joining a young start up that experienced extreme growth.  She is very passionate about her work and family and does a great job of balancing the two.  Learn some interesting facts and tips from her journey thus far.


[VIDEO] Intrepid Insights: Luella Schmidt, CEO & Founder of Fine Point Consulting

Luella of Fine Point Consulting has a great positive attitude and a lot of experience working with entrepreneurs at all levels of success. I had a fun time chatting with her about the work she and her team do and learning from her experiences as an expert service provider to entrepreneurs and startups.


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