Wealth Management – Why Privacy Matters

The priorities of wealth planning have shifted with privacy now topping the list for most millionaires. The wealthy have always been private, but their desire for privacy has increased as they seek more security in a technological age. Privacy and safety are inextricably linked. There was a time when privacy concerns were predominately about financial loss, through bank wire or credit card fraud.
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How to Improve Quality of Life as A Self-Minted Millionaire

What shapes your well-being? And ultimately your quality of life? As self-minted millionaires, the ultimate discovery is that nothing fundamentally changes when you have a lot of money. You have to embrace the fact that you’re in control of your own destiny and that you get to decide what you want from life.  Chances are you have already done this in some respects if you have “made it”. Take this opportunity to find out what you really want, to discover your true authentic desires, desires that may be buried beneath a mountain of other’s choices for you.
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